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Gotcha. With any LiPo you want to watch for a couple of things:
1. Heat. The batt will get should not get HOT. If it's HOT HOT and puffing...that's no good.

2. Sizing. Matching a batt to the power requirements of your setup will help to prevent the battery from over heating.

3. Charging/Discharging. When the shots slow down...STOP. Switch out the batt and measure it if you can. When charging...ALWAYS balance charge and keep an eye on it to see that each cell is charging evenly. If they're a little off from each other as they charge...that's ok. More than that and I'd call the pack suspect.

4. Damage. If your pack/wrapping/wires/connectors/etc...are damaged....DO NOT USE. The integrity of the pack is essential. DO NOT compromise the pack by squeezing/jamming/stuffing/etc...into places that are two tight for it.

All that is VERY, VERY important when using them....especially so when you're getting a feel for how they work/last in your setup.
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