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Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
I use Green Label (STAR OEM) mags. I have to hold my mag in a certain way or it won't feed in my G&P M4 (that or I'm going to thicken up the mag with some masking tape). Whereas with the PTS mags that doesn't happen, they feed flawlessly. I think it's moreso a fitment issue than anything because it happens with all of my mags and I have to hold them all in that certain way.

My experience:

G&G M4:

PTS M: untested
PTS shorty M: flawless at 20rps, no mod required
green-box: flawless at 20rps, but masking/camo tape mod required (no feeding otherwise)

2 * G&P C8:

PTS M: mixed results, lubricant definitely required
PTS shorty: untested
green-box: mixed results / tape mod-required


PTS shorty: untested
green-box: mixed (some work fine, some don't work at all)

I'd need to do some more careful testing by removing some variables from these experiences, so YMMV / take with a grain of salt / etc.

Also, in all cases, the feeding results were dramatically improved if the PMAG was lubed up a bit. This goes for the PTS versions as well. Fill a speed loader to about half, then lightly spray the BBs with a small amount of silicone spray, then fill and shake a little bit before loading. (If you accidentally over-spray make sure to let it drip out of the speed loader first or empty and re-start if in doubt).

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