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I use Green Label (STAR OEM) mags. I have to hold my mag in a certain way or it won't feed in my G&P M4 (that or I'm going to thicken up the mag with some masking tape). Whereas with the PTS mags that doesn't happen, they feed flawlessly. I think it's moreso a fitment issue than anything because it happens with all of my mags and I have to hold them all in that certain way.

There's pros and cons to both products. With the Green label it's cheap and works fairly well. I can drop/break and lose them and not really be out by that much money. On the other hand, the build quality of the PTS mags is definitely a lot better and they feel "sturdier", more heavy weight and the weight just feels "right" (closest comparison I can make is my HTC Glacier vs the Xperia Arc). However the PTS mags come in at almost 2-3 times the price of the green label mags.
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