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this is quite common for manufacturers.

Of cause when setting up with new retails outlets they will quite happily promote "yes we have a good supply of spare parts" but in reality it can be something closer to what your are experiencing.

not that i'm pointing at any one manufacturer in particular, and more the industry in general.
and of cause there are the odd exception.

i had to wait 8 months to get a few lower receivers through the WE rep to fix a few busted body problems. which was great when it finally arrived.

oh one case that amazed me. visiting this years toy fair here. come across the Jing Gong booth. I pointed out a small problem with there V61 triggers breaking and was aware of 4 guns tested and broken because of this fault, and a few other customer complaints of similar.
my intention was just to highlight the problem with them to correct it.
but when i returned to work, I had received emails from the JG rep in Hk and that he would try to sort some spare parts.
about 6 weeks later i had a small bag of trigger parts arrive which i just found amazing.

but I guess amount of unanswered request for spare parts to fix problems with there product would be quite high.

I'm sure if they were available it would easily and wouldn't be a problem to post out some spare parts.
but most, if not all airsoft manufacturing is done in batches, and after batches are complete, some left over spare parts could be very limited if any at all and hard to acquire.

So if any lesson was to be learn here, i guess its beware of guns that have very limited or no aftermarket support or limited or no compatible with other makes.
But even with that said. there is no one gun that has every single spare part for sale.

still it wont hurt to keep trying with ares, the may come through in the end.
good luck.
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