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Originally Posted by Blackthorne View Post
LOL..yah..we had a banner summer, and now we are paying for it by having broke our most important rule: "Never Be Out Of Stock". Hey, ya gotta have ammo to play so we understand when our customers have to run other brands. Sometimes it's good to experiment. Comparisons and tests are always welcome...

We are going to be in stock on 90% of our SKUs next week, and 90 days after that we will be fully stocked in three warehouses globally. So if you do decide to come back to Bastards, we will have plenty for you. Growth hurts. But rest assured we are never going to be out of stock again.

As far as bulk pricing goes, we can and do offer discounts for larger orders, but what your average Joe thinks is "a bulk order" and what we need in order to make the transaction worth while rarely meet. We regularly get inquiries about bulk orders for 50,000 rounds. (25 bags). For that level we do offer a team discount, but there are some strings attached. We need to develop a relationship with the team, ensure they aren't ass-hats here on ASC etc.

To put that in perspective, we are talking with distributor right now who is asking about 10 tons of product (50 million rounds). This order would qualify for some serious discounts. we are not out to screw the little guy, but we are a business, and we have margins of profitability we need to meet or we go broke, and can't handle increases in production costs (read below on oil). We have eaten a few of these lately without upping our prices, and will continue to do for as long as we can. We intend to stay a small operation to cut overhead and stay streamlined. These savings protect our customers from increasing prices, or compromises in quality.

Don't get me started about rising costs to manufacture, package (lets face it, styrene is oil based and it takes oil to get it here) and ship
Wow, thank you for that detailed and honest update. I guess there's one more thing to be said above and beyond the quality of a product: the extra value of a manufacturer who communicates with its customers as admirably as you guys do.

Good luck to you guys and I look forward to resuming the depletion of your stock soon
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