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Never any trouble with Bastards, but they've suddenly become rare in my area for some reason so I went ahead and experimented with other brands.

Myself and the guys that I play with have been testing the Madbull precision series BBs ( the ones being sold on ). We've fired close to 6000-7000 of them through 5 different AEGs, and we might standardize on them. Airsoft parts offers bulk purchase discounts and Madbull's 10 kilo bag as well, which would be convenient for us. The jury is not out yet on quality, accuracy, and feeding, but so far they seem pretty good.

I'm one of the folks who witnessed some feeding issues with the Airsoft Central BBs (seems to depend on the gun -- tightbores might have more problems).

My local retailer used to stock Bastards, but they no longer do. I was told by said retailer that they stopped getting updates from BB Bastard or something to that effect (no idea what this means.. if anyone can shed some light on it I'd love to know). If they stocked them, I'd pick em up next time I was there and would do more side-by-side testing with the Madbulls. I wish the BBBs were available in bulk pricing as well (not a huge deal but enough to sway one way or the other when deciding between almost identically-performing BBs). Until then, sticking with the Bulls.
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