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Originally Posted by Kennytaker View Post
Ok so, if I want to use .30s then what kind of fps should I look for? wanna be legal for field play (no CQB) thanks.

Weapon is a standard AEG M4 and a M9 pistol thanks again
Just off the top of my head, I've got an M4 shooting with .20g BBs at 352 and about 310 with .25g BBs when I chrono'd on Saturday. My chrono reads the same number of Joules in either case. I get to play everywhere I go, with decently high RoF (~20rps) and my internals are not under crazy strain.

The last game I was at had a chrono area set up with each signed up attendee's name listed on it. If you didn't chrono, you weren't going to be playing. You walk up to the chrono station and one of the organizers hands you a mag loaded with their trusted 0.20g BBs. You fire through the chrono and they record your averages next to your name. If you fire hot, you either get a restricted role (eg: semi-only, minimum distance for engagement) or if it's way too hot, you get a loaner gun. You should expect to have to do this sometimes, but your mileage may vary depending on where you play...

If you want to play often at various fields, both indoor and outdoor, and want to be able to fire full auto and semi with zero hassle, buy yourself a bag of 0.2g BBs and make sure your AEG is firing under 400fps, preferably around 350-360 if there are fields with CQB restrictions.

Hope that helps
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