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Originally Posted by slink182 View Post
In higher-quality BBs, the goal is to either minimize or eliminate the air bubble.

BB Bastards (BBB) and Airsoft Central (AC) both manufacture high quality BBs. The BBBs I've cut open typically do not have an air bubble, though they do tend to have more like a "foamy" centre - which sort of consistently distributes the "air bubble" around so that the BB is significantly less likely to be lopsided. The ACs I've cut open were solid all the way through, so the odds of them shooting lopsided is practically nil.
Essentially accurate. Bubble elimination is an opinion, and I don't agree on that point.

As pointed out, the elimination of unevenly distributed material, regardless of choosing the donut center or the foam strategy. BB Bastard settled on what we settled on, anyone can chop a BB to confirm it. We've been doing that for about 7 years now, as we refined our processed with feedback from players and our own testing. While the visible factors are easy to see, there are a number of other manufacturing processes that can affect distribution that are not visible - only the result - a good BB.

BB material is 95% the same from formulation to formulation, hence a set mass of material will be used in whatever weight you're making. With our formulation, BBs without an air relief occur at about the .30g mark. Weight additives occur around the .34g mark, hence why .36g and .40g appear to have the colors they do - its the weight additive.

Its not so much relevant as to whether you have visible bubbles or not, what is important is the distribution by weight. The more even the distribution, the fewer fliers and the greater accuracy you'll experience so long as the AEG is properly tuned from mag to feedpath.

Improper hopup, dirty barrels, bad hopup rubbers, barrel crowning, barrel fitment, feedpath cleanliness, mag to hopup alignment, etc, all impact accuracy as well. In my experience there are a lot of factors you need to address before you'll maximize your BB performance. The guns coming out of boxes are getting much better (by a LARGE margin), but any good gundoc will tell you, accurization is an art and skill that even the best out-of-the-box platform can benefit from tuning. Bench the gun, use our accurization BBs with a BB capture system and you can tune the gun with some consistency. Better yet, contract to one of the mirade of experienced gundocs here if you're new to the sport or AEG-mechanically challenged. I no longer tune my guns, Renegade is far better at it than me, so, to me its worth a few bucks to maximize performance. Then you can take advantage of a good BB design.
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