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Originally Posted by Basic-Wedge View Post
So,... for those of us who don't follow the airsoft industry, what was the announcement, and what does it mean to the average BB flinger?
Basically it means we are not going anywhere. Some other big name manufacturers have dissipated over the last 3 years for various reasons. A few more are having trouble. The main reason for this seems to be that they are doing more than just BB's. They lose focus, outsource the product, and the quality goes to hell.

We are sticking with BB's only for now, and even when we expand later this year, it's only going to be with feed path items (mags, hop up, barrels, suppressors). We won't ever make guns or pistols or gear. Our focus is going to stay on performance, accuracy and range.

We feel if we keep our focus instead of trying to make a buck on a million different products we will continue to succeed.

We have had some really crazy growth this year and managed to break our one and only rule, never be out of stock. We now have a better idea of how to project our stock needs, and won't be letting that happen again. We are also going to be shipping from separate warehouses in Chicago and Vancouver soon to reduce shipping costs to our customers here and in the US.

So if you enjoy our product and it works for you, you can count on it being around, being in stock, and continuing to get better.

We are still on track for North American manufacturing, one of our biggest goals.
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