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Originally Posted by Penguin
Originally Posted by Kokanee
As the regional age rep, I felt it necessary to talk to the store owner regarding this very matter, and it was made clear that he being the store owner would set policy as he saw fit. It's his store, his rules, enough said.

And as HoJo hinted at, the prices are outrageous - $100 for a springer.
Thats not outrageous apparently. Rangers airsoft has TM springers for $95, thats before shipping.
Sorry, guess I'm used to the Aqua Underground prices hehe. In speaking to the owner though, he did have an understanding that they are not to be treated lightly, and when it comes down to it there isnt a whole lot to do. But we don't have a big problem here with young'ins getting shot by police for playing with springers and the like... Truth be told I'm sure most of them would rather spend the money on a squirt water gun and some pot
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