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Well, i've found mosquitos REALLY like me. Heck, i've had em land in a puddle of 95% deet i was about to apply (had it cupped in the palm of my hand). Deet does seem to work better so far for me than anything else, but i'm going to try some of the weird stuff mentioned in this thread (skin so soft/etc)

So far the only thing i've found that worked (unintentionally) to keep em off me was.... Dehydration (and i don't recommend this, and personally try to avoid it). Twice i've gotten real dehydrated towards the end of the day when i ran outta water at a game, and as time progressed i noticed they ignored me. Compared to normally when i have to beat em away with a stick for the entire day....

Mosquitos and blackflies will die trying to get through bug-netting to me, bite through jeans, and when i get bit the bites usually swell to about 1-2 inch lumps or more.

stupid bugs!
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