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Originally Posted by Debrief View Post
Classifieds can also be great for "beginners" packages, i.e. a gun with magazines, batteries, optics, and the occasional gear. They're a great way for new guys to get completely ready to game in one package. If you're buying from a user with a 100% trader rating and is honest and detailed in his posts, you shouldn't have a problem.

The classifieds also have a degree of competitive pricing. Retailers will sometimes have a monopoly on a particular item (i.e. newly released GBBRs), and items on the classifieds tend to be quite cheap in order to attract a sale.

+1 to this.

I got a CA full metal MP5 with four lowcaps, and the highcap that came with the gun. Full package for a great starting price an excellent gun for a beginner like myself.

The seller had a perfect trader rating and I asked some players who I skirmished with for their opinions on the gun itself.

Do your own research, it will only help you make the best choice.
Just don't rush it, take your time and even try to compare similar offers on the classifieds if possible.

If you're fortunate enough to have a local seller, try to arrange a meeting.
Bring your goggles or mask to see how comfortable you would be sighting it.
You want to do everything you can to have your first game be as fun as possible.

Good luck and happy shopping.
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