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Originally Posted by slink182 View Post
Standard Magpul PTS mags are made by Magpul, and are made from polymer plastics that are the equivalent of their real steel counterparts.

Green label Magpul mags are made by Star, and are made from ABS plastic - still fairly tough, but not as tough as the polymer built ones (i.e., don't try running a car over them or dropping them from 5+ metres up).
My goal is to rid airsoft of misuse of the term "polymer"... one post at a time... (ABS, Nylon, Polycarbonate etc etc are all polymers...) Somehow, in airsoft, "polymer" became associated with glass filled nylon...

Anyways... relevant to the topic, I'm using the green label short m4 mags in my f2000, and they work fine. They're some of the only midcaps besides the G&G that don't need modification, but I take a hit with capacity.
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