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Originally Posted by Bod63
Originally Posted by FOX_111
consuming a lot of vitamine E also help. You have to take a lot, so your body will excrete it in your sweat. Mosquito don't like the smell of vitamine E or something. It's not harmfull to you nor make you smell bad.

That's what I read in my biology books.
Not wishing to dispute your biology book but actually a (REALLY) excessive amount of vitamin E can make you anaemic and cause blood disorders - however that would only be after 'prolonged and excessive' use. If you were to increase your vitamin E intake prior to a game and then reduce it afterwards there should no danger at all.

This information comes from a member of the medical profession as opposed to personal experience.
I agree, It's stated that the exess of vitamin E is excreted by the swet, but it can't be good to do it all the time. Just like the day prior and during the game at most. It's like everything, too much is like not enough.

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