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I have a thing with buying used... sometimes it's hard to trust how used something is, or in other cases, if the seller is honest/not a scammer. That said, if you can get a trustworthy source for used goods, then used is a great option, most of the time it works fine and the seller is just upgrading or moving on. There are also guys that know how to pimp their guns, and i would not hesitate to take one off their hands should they want to sell them (provided it was what I was looking for)

That said, I always try to get new when it's available (within reasonable price) even though airsoft being what it is, and with next to no guarantees or warranties, you know the cosmetics will be new, the internals will be new, and last as long as new internals do. Starting with a clean slate is comforting for me.

edit: I should add that I'm a tinkerer by nature, so if I do buy used, I am more than capable of diagnosing a certain degree of issues and fixing them. I like taking things apart and finding out the how and why, so if/when things break it's not a huge deal, more minor annoyance, unless there's a big repair bill.

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