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lol @ people who use heavier ammo to try to get under the FPS limit
I absolutely agree with everything you said. A GBBR will get higher FPS simply because it's shooting with a variable amount of force (My PDW shoots 1.34j on .20s but 1.8j on .28s). But your FPS only affects your range so much...
Our limit out here is 400fps, and the 1.4j KJ's are still out ranging most of the 1.4j AEG's, even when both are using the same ammo. But dependent on the weather of course lol
From what I've seen on the field, a gas pistol with an absolute velocity of 270fps on .30g, will simply get better performance than an AEG shooting 270fps on .30g BBs. Same muzzle velocity, same ammo, one simply performs better than the other, and by a clearly visible amount.
Having more gas available to center the BB going down the barrel will absolutely help accuracy, but your range is dominantly controlled by your hop rubber.

Seems to me, you can't get the proper amount of hop-up in an AEG to produce the spin you need to use heavier ammo at long range. At the hop pressure you would need to GET that backspin, it would simply jam the gun.
So I would say, because a GBB has more pressure available (as you were saying) because you're getting more pressure with heavier ammo, it's able to operate with more hop-up pressure, and thus get more range with heavier ammo.

optimal hop = more range. And most GBBR's are able to get .30s to curve straight up, whereas you're lucky to get even a straight trajectory with an AEG shooting less than 350fps on max hop.

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