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The road to cool guns in Canada is a tad more complicated than elsewhere in the world. You can't jump import from the States or Hong-Kong, you need to find a retailer in Canada.

To access these retailers you need to get age verified but a site rep, a rather painless process. Just look at the game calendar for your region, visit, meet people and check out the gear, then provide proof of age.

You can skip the game part and just set up a meet with a verifier, but you might as well go for the 5 tour at a game if you can.

Other than that, until you have the age verified tag under your name no one will help you getting gear. Feel free to ask just about anything else though, but be sure to read and search before you ask 10 questions a day, forum etiquette.

In the case of the gun you are looking for, you have two choices basically, either go with the TM/CYMA AEP version which runs on batteries but is a bit bland or go with KSC/KWA for the proper gas version. You're looking at 300-400$ since these are a tad rarer.
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