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How to Replace Nozzle

Hey, Im new to the fourm, and to Airsoft in General.

I got a Free

DPMS AR-15 Panther (clear body) for free from my cousin who in turn, got it for free from her company

After a few uses, it would not fire anymore, so I opend it up, and saw that some BBs had gotten jammed into (what I later discoverd) was the nozzle. I took them out, but the nozzle was cracked from the BB being jammed into it (and they were JAMMED) it took a lot of effort to get them out.

I closed the gun, and It shoots, but the bbs coming out are so week, they barley leave the barrel. I think it is because of the cracks in the nozzle, from when the BBs were jammed in there.


The question is, what nozzle should I get, Where do I get it, and How to I replace it?

After I get it working again, I think I am going to sell it, with my other clearsoft gun.
I could sell it without bothering to replace it, but I would get next to nothing for it.
so I was thinking, fix the guns up, sell them, and buy a Nice, all black (Black tinted) Airsoft gun.

Idk which one to get yet :P

Thanks in advance D
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