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Originally Posted by m102404 View Post
If you're not taking the rod apart all the time...wrap a couple of layers of tape around each joint so any imperfections in the joint don't scratch up your barrel. You can also place of peice of partially shrunk heat shrink over the joints.
If one was worried about the joints scratching the inner barrel, you can heat shrink each section entirely leaving just the threads exposed. When you screw them together, it should butt up tight enough where no metal is exposed.

Or, like what I do, heat shrink about 1.5" on either end of each section. Shrink it completely and it will act as a spacer. If you're still worried but don't want to do the whole thing, add an inch of heat shrink to the middle of each section.

Tape, if left in the heat, can tend to ooze adhesive after a while.
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