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LOL...if you have a stock TM rifle (i.e. stock motor, stock wiring, stock mechbox)...IMO, you're best off considering a complete new mechbox & motor. Doing so will minimize the headaches you might run into with modding everything into another mechbox.

A full mechbox such as the G&P M120 or the KA M120 are very decent for the money and usually just need a check over and piston swap (IMO neither of those pistons are very good). Modify has a bunch of decent parts...and their full mechbox was pretty good too.

Err on the side of a High Torque motor vs. a high speed motor. You'll also want to consider a MOSFET to keep your switch from burining out.

If you don't want to do the learning and work can pay a gun doc to do it for you. Some guys will be able to build you a bomb proof mechbox. Their words not mine...personally I don't think many mechboxes survive long when paired with big lipos.

A decent attempt at spelling and punctuation is also mandatory.

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