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Originally Posted by FreelancerInc View Post
silicas do not biodegrade, regulars do, bios biodegrade faster, all are designed to not crush as our high end guns make them break in barrel
What part of your previous post spoke of biodegrading? What I quoted is your reference to BB hardness. Sure bios and regular BB's degrade and silica's don't but they are inert.

Have you never seen an airsoft gun chop BB's? If what you say was 100% true 'BB's are all designed not to crush', then you're wrong, which is why I said not entirely true.

Yes they are harder than paintballs but if BB's were as hard as you imply, you'd start seeing more broken nozzles, tappets, and stripped pistons whenever someone got a miss feed. Miss feeds happen and it's a ton better for a guns internals to crush and chop a BB over putting resistance against everything wanting to make it go.

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