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Can I ask you a serious question? How much sand can you fit in your vagina?
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Not quite. A smaller projectile always has a more focused pressure. I've seen BB's stick into skin, but not paintballs. Paintballs can break skin though. Larger projectiles also carry more joules, which is why paintball tends to be less fps than airsoft. But BB's actually break apart often on impact anyways.

But I will never play airsoft in a paintball field, simply because of the paint mess. Not that there is anything wrong with paintballers, but I find the sports as about as close as football and rugby. Same basic concept or sport type. But way different methodology, in their purist forms anyways.

I also have to agree that I've seen more honor in airsoft than paintball, as far as calling hits go. Which is weird when you think about it, with the targets physically covered in paint and all. But when it gets bad in airsoft, it can be really bad.
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