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Honestly I dont see it anywhere near possible for an air soft bb to penetrate. Granted they are smaller at the 6mm and probably make it easier to penetrate but a paintball at .68 caliber is flying at say 3-400fps, doesn't penetrate or even try to break surface then a small 6mm bb flying at the same speed shouldn't even affect the bunker.
Absolutely no feild allows more than 300fps, anywhere. and a smaller, more dense(considering paintballs are made to burst, which spreads out the force, and surface area is a big factor in pressue(its pound Per square inch, less space with same force behind it equals more pressure) ) so there is some theory behind it, but considering the muzzle energy of the two I dont think that BB's would break a bunker.

I find paintball has more cover, and most of it is taller than airsoft, its all about running from cover to cover, airsoft has players using tall grass, brush and such as cover. Just my experience, but then Ive had 5 years of (serious)paintball and only played about 4 games of airsoft...

I also doubt that speedball/tourament style airbunkers would catch on in the airsoft community, I think we all have seen what happens when we go down the "they all shoot bb's" route, and we know speedball in paintball is mainly about putting as much paint down range as posible. Plus, Ive had better experience of people calling hits in airsoft than I did a speedball/competetive(hundred thousand dollar cash prize plus big cash/gear sponsorships) you would damn near need to dig a deep hole in the other persons flesh before they admit to being hit...

I dont like the paintball slime, dont care about getting dirty but I hate sliding on the floor or loosing grip against cover. Getting covered in unicorn puke only hurts the game in a milsims other than operation taking back candy mountain.

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