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Originally Posted by m102404 View Post
Despite the SocomGear version being a sweet build...and there's some huge (IMO) pros to its setup...there are two major detractors for me.

1. It's still a spring powered airsoft gun...makes little to no "action" kick in the seat. And...perhaps because it's so retardedly huge and heavy it's MORE of a let down when it launches a 6mm BB. When you touch something off that's that naturally expect the world to end for something downrange.

2. The mags are highcaps. It's a VN highcap stuffed into fracking big metal shell. Not the end of the world I suppose to swap the innards out...but it's sad it it's own way.

Hauling that thing around...just to shoot as far/hard/ "any" other AEG (assuming they're both setup/working nicely), is just a bit disappointing.

Uber cool on looks if it turns your crank don't hold back. This is definitely a form over function thing though.
It makes a bunch of noise since it's an AEG

I know what you mean, the mags are tedious, and I've heard of someone around here (Connecticut) modifying the magwell to be able to accept plain old M4 mid caps, but it seems to be a rumour.
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