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Despite the SocomGear version being a sweet build...and there's some huge (IMO) pros to its setup...there are two major detractors for me.

1. It's still a spring powered airsoft gun...makes little to no "action" kick in the seat. And...perhaps because it's so retardedly huge and heavy it's MORE of a let down when it launches a 6mm BB. When you touch something off that's that naturally expect the world to end for something downrange.

2. The mags are highcaps. It's a VN highcap stuffed into fracking big metal shell. Not the end of the world I suppose to swap the innards out...but it's sad it it's own way.

Hauling that thing around...just to shoot as far/hard/ "any" other AEG (assuming they're both setup/working nicely), is just a bit disappointing.

Uber cool on looks if it turns your crank don't hold back. This is definitely a form over function thing though.
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