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Originally Posted by SniperSam View Post
Er... why has no one else pointed out that the airsoft version of the M82A1 is an AEG?

It uses a standard M4/M16 Version 2 gear box, it comes with a Madbull tightbore, and you can fire it in semi or full auto. The only downside is that it's heavy (10kg/22lbs)
although it comes with all those goodies it need some tweaks, the tightbore for example needs a barrel spacers and considering that is the longest barrel madbull make it is still almost a foot and a few inches short from the muzzle, I upgraded mine with a custom brass barrel spacers and upgrade the barrel to a PDI custom 780mm ported to increase it's accuracy, the mechbox is a generic V2 with cheapo bore up piston system but the cylinder is ported, why? well that was upgraded to a Modify bore up cylinder and piston kit. The spring that it comes with is a shiny M170 variant, that was ditched for an old school PDI 200% spring that I have laying around.

To the Op, even though the Socom gear is the expensive route it doesn't mean that it is perfect there are tweaks you have to do, I always say that there is no such thing as airsoft being cheap, either way you will have to pay for it sooner or later. My opinion on sniper rifle in airsoft are they are just a very expensive plinkers some are gameable but most are usualy used for markmanship competition or a very expensive wall hanger, why?......because compared to a AEG by the time you fired one round, there may be more than 10 coming your way, unless you are CDN Stalker, he can really hit you from mile away.
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