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New Hop Up Bucking-Modify

Dear Friends,

Modify has new Product!!!! Accurate Hop Up Bucking for VSR-10, TM Hi-CAPA, M1911A1, SIG P226, SOCOM MK23, GLOCK 26 Series will be available in a week. It is made from 1st Class Aircraft Rubber with some special material added in. It’s very accurate and consistent for shooting, improved air seal and with excellent extreme temperature properties

Material: aircraft rubber
1st Class Aircraft Rubber

1) Excellent extreme temperature properties
2) Improved air seal
3) Excellent compression set
4) Superior tear resistance
5) High abrasion resistance

TEST REPORT – Modify Accurate Hop Up Bucking
For VSR-10, TM Hi-CAPA, M1911A1, SIG P226, SOCOM MK23, GLOCK 26 Series

The MODIFY Accurate Hop Up Bucking was tested on a Tokyo Marui VSR-10 and a Tokyo Marui Hi-CAPA 4.3 using the following equipment and conditions:

BB: 0.2g
Chronograph: XCORTECH X3200 (serial: T0133)
Spring: Marui stock spring ( Under 1 Joule)
Average Temperature: 27℃
Measurement: FPS/ Joule

Your results will vary from these published results. Different upgrades will provide different results. The data contained in this chart should only be used as a reference.

Data Chart – Tested on Marui VSR-10 1

Data Chart- Tested on Marui Hi-CAPA 4.3 1

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