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Originally Posted by FreelancerInc View Post
in a previous post someone posted " 1bb per mah" so hence a 1600mah battery should put 1600bb down range, though this is second hand knowledge i'd hafta agree.
Yeah pretty much. However it's worth stating though you get an average of 2200 BB's from a 2200mah battery, you're not necessarily using 2200mah. Probably closer to 1800.

If you absolutely have to run a mini, and you want the BEST possible energy efficiency, there ARE things you can do!

#1 - Upgrade your wiring, switch to deans plugs and install a MOSFET switch. This is the single greatest thing you can do to boost your energy efficiency. You seriously get like an extra 10% ROF and 20%+ battery life.
#2 - get your motor tuned! Balance, set spring tension, etc. I've had 8A draw motors that went down to 3A after tuning. Also makes a big difference.

My M4 after it's upgrade kit would get exactly 32 mags to a 2200mah battery (That's 1BB/Mah for those trying to do the math). After tuning the motor and installing a triggermaster (not as efficient as a mosfet since it uses power, but way more efficient than your analog trigger), I was getting 44 mags for 2200mah. That's 1.36 BB's per Mah

My 249 is pretty green though, I worked it out to 700Mah per box (of 2500). Roughly 3.5 BB's per Mah. However it's not comparable to the NiMH math since it's running off LiPo. It's just worth stating how much better LiPo is over NiMH

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