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Originally Posted by FreelancerInc View Post
in a previous post someone posted " 1bb per mah" so hence a 1600mah battery should put 1600bb down range, though this is second hand knowledge i'd hafta agree.

my understanding is there are 2 major things to think about.

the larger the mah the longer the battery will last while shooting
the larger the spring in your gun the quicker yuor battery will get drained.

for instance a 9.6v 1600mah nimh may get 1800bbs on a 110 spring and perhaps only 1300bbs on a 140 spring.

so if possible get as many mah in your gun as you can get
this estimate felt pretty accurate for my gun, I think it's really only couple hundred off on my setup.

my 4000 mah battery crapped out at the very end of the day on sunday with probably on the shy side of 4000 rounds. I'm thinking maybe 3700 or so. Hard to say as I'm having feeding issues and have to use a couple different brands of BBs at the moment.
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