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Look at this article I found

Wow I mean this is pretty sad. When I saw the news clip they were showing the guns alledegly held by the students and guess what clear softair crap but the news reporter still referred to them as airsoft guns. and you know what else is even sadder the news reporter had a can of the softair bb's and it said specifically on the bottle compatible for all super softs and soft airs. Seriously we need some sort of good media attention instead of bad but thats all the media does report on bad "incidents" all the media does is stereotype its like saying all chinese people are nerds and they never skip school god.

Central Texas school officials suspended some students and teachers after an altercation on campus. It happened last week and involved something called ‘airsoft’ guns at Florence High School, between Killeen and Georgetown on Highway 195.

Florence High Principal Marilyn Hill says, “The potential for danger with these air guns seems to me like it's definitely there.”

The so-called air-soft guns come in all shapes and forms. The guns fire plastic bb's at about half the speed of a typical bb gun.

School officials say eight high school boys were driving around the school parking lot and shooting the air-soft guns at middle school students

“I'm so grateful no child was hurt beyond the one child and apparently there was no real damage to that person's eye,” Hill says.

The incident happened immediately after school, on campus and the eight students who were involved in the incident weren't the only ones who were punished. Hill says three teachers were put on administrative leave for several days because they knew students had the guns in their vehicles. The eight students involved were suspended for 2 days.

“There's a real potential danger if somebody were hit about the face and yet there seems to be a mindset among some in the community that this is just a major toy,” Hill says.

Parent Candy Bonnett says, “Personally, I think if the teachers or the students were shooting each other, then, after school hours, school should stay out of it, you know. Kids are going to be kids.”

School officials say they've had absolutely no problems since the incident. And even though Hill says the students were just joking around, administrators had to take the incident seriously.



EDIT - the viedo clip is on the website click the link and there should be a link saying watch viedo.
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