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Originally Posted by jopamac View Post
hey there forum,
I just got my velocity arms m4 s system and I'm loving it
only one issue though, I want to paint the hand guard and back stock, but the top half of the hand guard won't come off. Can someone help me out on how I might go about removing it, or is it safe just to paint it while it is on the gun? It has the battery housing in it.
When I painted my VA36 I simply set aside a whole bunch of time and patiently masked all the bits I didn't want to get paint on with painters tape. Use a sharp knife to cut your tape to perfect shapes and then tuck it into seams/edges/etc. It'll work like a charm. Just take lots of time and account for every nook , cranny, switch, etc that you don't want paint on. I made sure to cover all the little cracks that paint could get in and cause any issues with the gearbox or whatever.

Some tips based on my VA36 paintjob experience:

Golden rule: Take your time! Don't rush it, the more time it takes and the more relaxed you are the better it will look.

Use even straight strokes of spray at a good distance, give a few minutes of drying time between each layer. Don't spray it until it's gobby wet, just a quick line is enough for each pass. It'll seem like it's taking you forever. This is good. It will look awesome.

Use Krylon Ultraflat Matte spraypaint. Looks good and has a nice flat finish.

Watch for dust and hair. It really sucks to get a paintjob almost perfect and then notice a nice big cat hair sticking out of some paint and being tempted to pull it out at the risk of messing up the paint job.

Good luck. Also, post pics when done
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