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Originally Posted by Kid16_1234
Donor did u buy your airsoft here ? Well been looking for one got any idea u might have or Shrike any advice you could give? Thanls
I'm only 2 weeks from where you are right now in terms of this forum and I'm still reading FAQ's and generally ingesting the information on this board... though I will let you in on what I've come up with so far

In terms of buying Airsoft, the first thing you should know is that you won't be able to see the classifieds until you get verified by your local representative... only catch is, you won't be able to get verified until you turn 18. That doesn't stop responsible minors from getting their parents to buy the Airsoft for them.

In terms of What to buy.. do your research. Browse the online Canadian retailers and find a couple guns you like the look of and would love to own, return to the forums and search for ALL of the information on those guns. Find out about the problems people have had (or didn't have) and deduce until you start narrowing down your choices - This forum is filled with very informative reviews and posts regarding most guns and types of guns. (As for where to start... since there's ALOT out there, for a beginner most people would suggest Tokio Marui as they tend to be the most durable of Airsoft Guns with a respectable price range)

And yes, I did buy my Airsoft here.... the beautiful glock19 featured in my sig. (Thanks for the Glock Squid! :cheers: )
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