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This would be my collection if I lived in Imaginary FairyLand and were given three wishes for guns including accessories:

Real Sword Type 56-1

- Side-rail permanently attached.
- Magazines electrical-taped together in reversed pairs.
- PSO-1 scope, may be removed for interior use.
- Mag-lite electrical-taped onto right side of grip when required.

Tanaka M700 Police L.T.R.

- Forward positioning of scope mounts.
- Cheek rest.
- Light, permanently attached bipod.
- Extended magazine, mainly for cosmetic purposes.
- Three-point sling.
- Low-magnification scope.
- Whatever modifications required for good accuracy.


- Small sling.
- EOTech-type holographic sight.
- Silencer mounted whenever not being used as a secondary.
- Tactical light on left side of rail, mounted when required.

And that seems to be it. Out of all of these, the Real Sword (and associated accessories) is what I want most, with the MP9 a very secondary priority. The Tanaka would be an impossibility at best, since it is way out of my price range (I estimate import costs to start at $900). There's a few other guns I would like to purchase, but they're unavailable and in any case, I think I should restore my gas gun to perfect working order before I start on making it gameable.

Holy shit, I spent something like two hours compiling and writing this list.

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