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Thanks hitman, I'll have to double check my facts. If that is indeed the case, then a person could go around 0.45g BB traveling at 525 FPS, for it to be considered a firearm. Approx: 5.7j. My understanding is it is one or the other due to the ability to get around it. Can you imagine the speed of a 1.5g BB it would take to hit 5.7j? So if a person brought a 1.5g BB up to 900 FPS, their Kinetic Energy would be 5.644j. That would be quite dangerous. And a 0.30g BB traveling at 625 FPS would be 5.444j. Both then would not technically be a firearm. I thought the idea was to cover on both ends, so someone couldn't do that. But I will double check.
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