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Personally I think it looks like more standard American politics. In light of recent events involving the governor, it may be a power grab. At that level it's not likely worth the tax dollars. Registration, regulation and such for something like this wouldn't turn a profit. This is simply some ass-hat, trying to build a political platform to gain support. The whole look of which is the usual, "I'm making things safer, and fighting crime". Good for you to attack something you know nothing about. However the California crime issues may be, this won't help. My political support is based off how many people I can make afraid, or think I'm actively doing something useful. Lol, what a joke.

In Canada however, things started out strict, and slowly goes the other way. As our sport grows and the community realizes what it is we do, things have only improved. However slight. Truth be told airsoft guns aren't deadly. You can take someones eye out, but unless you use it as a club you won't kill them. It is fairly easy to get a .22, or a pellet gun from say; Canadian tire that shoots tipped metal rounds. In this great country, any peron(s) using an object that simulates, replicates, a gun in anyway criminally will be charged as if it is a real firearm. This is a law that I personally support.

Now we've all heard the stories. I.E. The kid who held up his school with an airsoft gun, or someone robbing a store with one. Just a couple years ago a few punks in Bow Island, AB where arrested for shooting people from their car. Tell me please did it make a difference what goddamn color the guns were? Nope, none. The only way this has ever made any sense is clear, or smoked receivers. But even that only applies to importing, so the border can identify it as "not a firearm". To be perfectly honest though, if they don't like it; it doesn't come into Canada, period.

The argument on public safety isn't relevant, as the only way to get killed by an airsoft gun is to commit a crime with it. But getting blown outta your socks by a peace officer is something you had to be asking for. I would hate to see the police put in those situations. But color, real, not real, clear, ...whatever, has no affect on the end result of a persons choices. I could carve something out of wood and spray paint it, and at twenty feet it would look real enough.

Public peace of mind is a strange way to go with an argument, though. My wife, neighbor, or whoever has an issue with my airsoft guns seems to forget that my other neighbors owns real guns. Legally I might add. Someones unreasonable, uneducated feelings or fears can't be considered. You'd think they'd teach basic gun safety in the school system, lol. It is hard not to laugh when some thug is pointing a gun sideways. We are the airsofters though, so we should explain the dynamics to those closest to us. Same as my father did when my step mother had an issue with real guns. Bright colors don't put peoples minds at ease, knowledge does.

Canada is famous for laws that affect the innocent. Nothing like a big, warm, fuzzy blanket that covers everyone. Of course ruining things for the rest of us, and not deterring idiots or criminals in the slightest. So I said to the police officer "You don't need to look at my airsoft gun, as it's painted bright green. Obviously sir, that means it can't be a real gun". Give me a break, lol. He'd laugh at you while plugging two in your chest. So thank god they brought in that bright color airsoft law. So now when I have to disarm, or shoot someone; it's funny.

This sport has always brought up safety issues, as well as legal ones. Really though, we aren't a threat. I had a women walk up to me and ask if a terrorist could use his airsoft training against military. Lol, really? But all joking aside; we do have a responsibility to respect the law. And continue to promote this sport honorably.
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