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Originally Posted by Iloveairsoft View Post
So a M4 with M203 grenade launcher, s**tload of ammunition for it, scopes or laser (red dot/green dot) sights is enough?

And which type is the best? Electric, gas powered or something else?
An M4 with a m203, a double handful of mags and a handful of 40mm grenades should do you for what you seem to want, maybe a couple of AI hand-grenades as well.

No laser sights, no airsoft field worth the name will let you play with a laser due to potential eye damage. No need for a scope, the range on airsoft guns isn't long enough to bother with scopes. Though a red dot sight wouldn't go astray.

While gas powered rifles do have alittle more going for them in terms of realism, they're alot more expensive, alot more temperamental, and require a fair bit more maintenance. As a first weapon I highly advise getting an AEG (automatic electric gun) rather then a GBBR (gas blow back rifle).

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