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Originally Posted by THEMAKKER13 View Post
I personally wouldn't recommend getting a Tokyo Marui, but the VFC or Real Sword.
Reason that I don't like TM's much is that they have plastic bodies, to upgrade the fps you need to upgrade other GB parts, and they're expensive. For a similar price you could get a G&P.
There is definitely some truth there. TM is alittle weak on the muzzle velocity, and all abs externally. But you will not get anything remotely as reliable. You leave a TM stock internally and it will last literally decades. I'm in the process of building a backup gun right now that's going to be externally almost entirely G&P and internally stock TM. Yeah the fps will be alittle weak, but the primary consideration of a backup is that it works, since if you're using it at all your primary has already crapped out on you.

Originally Posted by Iloveairsoft View Post
Man your gun is super badass! But how much did your gun cost including the gun itself, the internal upgrades, m203, taclight and red dot sight (including TAX) ??
I got the gun itself lightly used from the ASC classifieds already upgraded with a bunch of systema internals for $600 shipped, which was a really great deal (it was probably worth a $100 more). I got the CA m203 for an absolute steal at $150 due to some cosmetic damage you can't even see when it's mounted. Normally expect to pay around $300 for one. The red dot sight and the taclight I also got for great deals due to timing, both sellers needed cash quick. The rds was $20 (expect to pay ~$70) and the taclight, which is a G&P, I paid $30 for (about $60 new). Flip front sight, about $30. The Z rail I got as a free extra on another deal but is worth about $30 or so. I had to replace the battery not too long after I got it, another $50. So all told it cost me $880, but if you wanted to duplicate it in a hurry expect to pay about $1100-1200. And that's not including the $60 I paid for twelve Star realcap mags or the $450 I paid for six madbull 40mm grenades. Including the above ammo, $20 for the AI adapter and $40 for a charger, it cost me about $1420 to effectively field my baby.
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