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Originally Posted by eluder View Post
thanks Kuro_Neko, lot's of useful stuff for a noob like me.
You're welcome, happy to help.

Originally Posted by MaciekA View Post
p.s: Kuro_Neko : I gotta say I admire your friendly and detailed approach with newcomers. You're a machine! ( ).

It's a shame most newbies can't seem to use google as well as you, otherwise I might not have to post so often.

Originally Posted by SqueezeBox View Post
thanks everyone especially Kuro_Neko! this is all new to me but sounds fck*in amazing:P i originally wanted to start off with a sniper but my friends convinced me not to so ak it is, price wise im willing to spend 600-700$ on a sick ass gun!, then slowly start buying gear.
You're welcome. $600-700 is a great budget for a gun. Glad to see a newbie with a realistic idea of the cost of this sport.

Originally Posted by SqueezeBox View Post
your gun look insane!!
Thanks. =^_^= Even with the battery in the stock it's alittle on the front heavy side. On the plus side, with that m203, other members of my group are pretty leery of charging any position I'm holding.

Originally Posted by Eeyore View Post
And he writes it each and every time.
You bet I do, every single time. =^_^=
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