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Originally Posted by Sgt.CWT View Post
sorry, didn't expect spoon feeding from anybody, just asking some advice because I could'nt find what I'm looking for on my own. If there is something you think is related to my post in the newbie section that I missed or that my post is in wrong section, please let me know I'll do what is nessecary...
Sorry I didn't mean to be offensive but when i re-read my message I think I may have came off a little mean. Just make sure you understand all of the rules. Untill you are age verrified we cant tell you how to get any airsoft guns in Canada. Trust me when I say that all sorts are readily available to the AVd community. Also, we will expect you to do your research on the topic you are asking questions about before you ask the question ie. we wont spoon it for you (use google).

As you can imagine we get a lot of new people here all of the time and most people ask the same sort of questions so at times it can be a bit frusterating. There is the FAQs which answer a lot of common questions but there is also a search bar at the top where you can search all of the forums threads, I really reccomend using this feature as it is extremely useful.

If you have any other questions we will most likely be happy to answer them, you can PM me if you like too!

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