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Originally Posted by Aceimager View Post
Apologies if this is slightly off topic, however having trawled through the forums I could not find what appeared to be the 'right' place to post.

I sold an AEG rifle a year ago through the classifieds on this site but have only just recently noticed that a negative rating has been left by the buyer. I've tried to send a "false report" using the designated button, but it keeps coming back that I have used an invalid ID or something to this effect. In my particular case I have emails from the buyer saying how happy he was with the item, then 3 weeks later he reported BB's jamming. He now gives me a negative report saying the rifle description was "off". I have emails to support the above but it seems I'm stuck with a -1 trader rating which is ticking me off particularly as I now have another rifle to sell.

Many thanks.
PM Lisa with your supporting information/E-mails.

I just notice when I click "Trader rating" for people, I get a "sorry this page can't be found" error o_0

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