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Well, as much as love the P90, I think it's size and ergonomics are great! BTW, GROM, I,m a P90 lover :P but I know what you mean, the MP5 is more "traditional"! I agree that the mags are an issue, and fitting them on a vest can be hard, but it can be overcome! I'm going for the MP5 for now, but in the end, I'll probably be getting a P90 !

BTW, in a real life/death CQB gunfight, I'd take the P90 with it's round over any MP5! For having actually fired the real thing and the MP5 as well (don't ask me how and to who I brought them ) , the recoil, stopping power and the magazine capacity (no MP5 hicaps in real life, so it's a 32 rounds max for the mp5 compared to a 50 rounder for the P90) would make me use the P90 over the MP5!

Thanks guys!

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