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I dont recall saying that I was going to bring one in. I will read my first post....

She just said that if it looks real you won't pass go. if its clear its fine. If you are going to by clearyou might as well get Mommy and Daddy to buy you one at Canadian Tire.

I said to them that I just got in to WWII Re-enacting. When asked about what you use for a wepon I said Airsoft.

Then she said about how she has stoped people from bring them in and sent me that link.

Plus I fond that link a better to read then the, who says this and who calls them that. To the individual person they call them fire arms it is easy for them to trak larger orders with paper works then every Tom Dick and Harry attemting to bring them over.

Its a lot safer to buy them over here as it is all legal.
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