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Originally Posted by Reckless View Post
TM p90 + M4 mag converter ....

or if you don't like things thrown at you by P90 purists... and like having a cqb weapon nearly as exterior modable as an M4 ... mp5

*runs away from P90 purists throwning things*
Yeah, gotta avoid the P90 guys throwing things, they'll kill me one day!

Originally Posted by Strelok View Post

Trust me, its awesome in purified form.

In fact, MP5's are so awesome that you can wake up in the morning, and expect a FULL FUCKING BREAKFAST to be cooked and WAITING for you, conjured up into this very world by the sheer awesome that is the H and fucking K MP5.

We don't see P90's doing that for you now do we?

All in seriousness, though. MP5's are just a bit more freindly on the pocket in terms of magazine storage, availability and aftermarket/replacement parts (I baught a TM mp5a4 that was mangled to shit... and I was able to replace pretty much all of the missing parts, TM BRAND without much of a sweat.)
Hummmm breakfast, if they do pancakes, I'll marry them! Actually, I rarely have breakfasts ! But yeah, parts are easier to find, good point!
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