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Heeeeeeeeelp! Can't choose!

So, here's my problem! I want to buy a CQB weapon, but a weapon that's specific for that application, i.e not a CQBR m4! So, as I looked for that gun, I found the 2 best weapon that I could find for me! The FN P90 or the H&K MP5!
Now, I just can't decide between the two guns, as I am a big bullpup fan for the P90 but I love the MP5's style and the fact that it can be modded to pretty much anything you want to make it! But the P90 has a inner barrel which is almost as long as a M4's, so that's good for accuracy!

So, here's my question, which gun is more suitable for CQB, the P90 or the MP5?

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