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I've pretty much abolished the Chrony

at my games ( except for indoors )

For outdoor play I don't Chrony .. and set the field limit at "less than 500 please"

Indoors.. I have a limit of 350.. and it's getting harder and harder for new players to comply, Most new guns come 420 out of the box .. and many new players lack the skill or connections get the FPS lowered..

I'd rather see people shooting at 300 indoors .. but people are struggling to get it down to that. It used to be that the FPS standard was the Japanese 2 joule limit.. which was about 280 fps.. most guns came stock at that limit and were ideal for indoor play.

With the advent of the proliferation of many Chinese brands and the opening up of the legal import for unregulated firearms most people's first gun is 430 fps out of the box, Which not many years ago would be considered a "hot gun"
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