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Originally Posted by Drake View Post
That's completely moronic and defeats the purpose of chronying.

As others have explained, it amounts to saying "The speed limit is 100 and you're driving over that limit at 150kph, but we'll just measure your speed in MPH instead so you're still under 100."

Whatever field that is needs to pull their head out of their ass and unfuck themselves.

The original limits, back in the day, came more from trial and error
LOL...the Kph vs. Mph is a great analogy.

I did think the original limits were set arbitraily based on "ouch" levels and not having to rebuild guns all the time...but couldn't say for sure.

Originally Posted by anphelproject View Post
First thank you to those who gave information around why FPS is what it is. and at no point in time did i feel I asked about people political opinion on fields....

I dont see how this is cheating nor is it moronic, everyone chonos with .25s so it is a level field. it is the exact same as a field that says you must chrono with .12 as long as the messurement that each person is being judged by is the same then there is no issue.

but thank you to those who posted and explained why .2 are the measurement system that is in place. I will change out the springs as that seams to be what most have said that were helpful rather then bashing fields.

and as for the fields, I believe that both flagswipe and Adrenaline use .2 to measure.

I also have read some fields will allow for snipers to go to 450 even read one field 500....
That bit wasn't in your first assumption, my bad. be so fixated on being under a specific number by changing the BB weight is just silly.
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