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Originally Posted by Wetmelon View Post
My field allows AEGs up to 450 w/ .2g (with MED of 30 ft) and bolt actions up to 550fps w/ .2's, but they have an MED of 75 feet. Pistols are 350 fps /w .2g max, with an MED of 10ft or "don't be a dick" distance.
550fps ?

holy darn! thats hot! (in the sense that it is very strong, not in the sense of "cool")

While your "regular" field allows for 1.5 joules for AEGs and 1.9 joules for bolt action, yours allows for 1.9 for AEGs and a whooping 2.8 joules for bolt actions! 2.8! I wouldn't want to receive a BB in my face! :S. That must hurt like a bitch!

fields around here only allows 1.9 for your "regular" snipers and 2.3 for snipers who attended a special sniper clinic... 2.8 for any person who owns a sniper rifle is a little too much in my opinion... but hey that's just me. I like my teeth and I'd love to keep them for a while lol.

By the way, did you know that an air gun that shoots over 500fps is considered a firearm in canada? I wonder what happens with the different BB weigths though... 500 with .2 is only 408 with .3... is it considered a firearm only when you shoot .20? even though it has the same energy??

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