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You need a battery that specifically does that chemistry. Most lithium chargers will do LiPo as well as other lithium based chemistries (sometimes also doing "standard" NiMH, and NiCD).

The charger MUST list that it is capable of charging LiFEPO4 (LiFE) batteries, ie. like this ImaX B:

Reason being is that the nominal voltage of a LiFE cell is 3.3V however the nominal voltage of a LiPo cell is 3.7V which is why LiFE comes in 3.3V, 6.6V, or 9.9V and LiPo comes in 7.4V and 11.1V. With that known you need to charge the different chemistries in different ways at different voltages.

Look here on wikipedia, the charging voltage of a LiFE cell is 3.6V

Whereas with LiPo, I've read you need to charge at 4.1V or something like that, and this is a difference that can probably damage your batteries. So when you charge your batteries set the charging chemistry to the right one to ensure you don't set your house on fire.
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