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Originally Posted by anphelproject View Post
So I am wondering if other people are having this issue.

resently I have bought a couple guns and both are shooting around 430 FPS on .2

now my local field is a 400FPS field but they reconize that the guns comming into Canada are shooting hotter then this so they are asking for chrono to be done with .25 thus making most guns shoot around the 400 FPS mark.

what I am wondering is do most people downgrade the spring in thier gun to go to a field that still chronos with .2 or should fields start to allow chronoing with .25?

just a public poll to see where your at with this .....
Which field is this? Because either you are misinterpreting things or they are completely missing the point of chronying to begin with.

At many fields doing what you described would be construed as cheating.

The objective of chronying guns is to ensure that they're under a certain power as to be fair for everyone. The limit (whatever it may be) is set by the host/field/owner...sometimes by preference, othertimes by insurance.

Some fields/games/hosts will simply up the limit for everyone.
...others will say "the max w/0.20's is 400...w/0.25's it's 370...w/0.30's it's 310...etc..." because they all translate to about the same power level of the BB coming out of the barrel
...others will load 0.20's into your mag and set a limit

Re. what the limits are...that's up to the field/host/owner. Be it 350fps w/0.20's...400fps w/0.20's...450, 475, sub-500, etc... Some games are "whatever"....but those are not public games.

To do what you describe does not make any sense.

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