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Originally Posted by Polish_Legion View Post
Thank you for that awesome post Kuro_Neko :cheers:

Basically I have and always will be a fan of the AK models, I am willing right now to spend anywhere from 300-500 on a full metal body ak74 model. The accessories I will build up on through time and I already have all the clothes etc. way back from my army cadet days which still somehow fit haha Personally I don't care for sniping, never liked it so that already shouldn't be an issue

The AK74u just suits my style of play. I'm quick and fast and responsive hence I don't need something to weight me down or give away my position through clanking noises etc. in game play.

Based on the feedback I got so far I think it's safe to say not a lot of you are familiar with the original gun I posted asking about?
Lots of people are familiar with Cyma (echo1 are cyma rebrands), the Aftermath guns I mentioned in my post are cyma rebrands. It's just they're not great quality guns. Bargain-basement quality. They're competitive but don't have much of a lifespan. If you want a full metal AK, as I mentioned in my post, the cheapest decent one you could get would be an ICS for $400-450. But if you could raise your budget to $600-650 you could do much better to aim for a G&P or CA. If you're not a Russian AK purist and can manage to get your budget up you could get a Real Sword Type-56. Real Sword Type-56's are made in the same factory as real Type-56's using most of the same parts. Steel body, the same quality wood as used on real steel guns, the thing is as indestructible as AK's are legendary for. You can see the differences between the Type-56 and the AK-47 here. As you can see from the link, the differences are minor. And for an airsoft AK variant, you can't beat the Real Sword Type-56.
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